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About Aurora Case Management


Alberto Felix: Chief Strategy Officer of Emerging Markets

Alberto Felix MA, CCM, CRC, QRP is the Chief Strategy Officer of Emerging Markets. Alberto has been a part of the Workers' Compensation industry for over 25 years. He is responsible for developing the organization's short term and long term strategic initiatives and guiding the business through the planning process. Having started Aurora from the ground up, Alberto's experience as a minority business owner has prepared him to be highly effective at his new position. He began serving individuals with disabilities in 1987 at the University at Buffalo, NY, where he earned his BA degree in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations, and he has been committed to serving disabled and disadvantaged individuals ever since. Alberto resides in Southcentral PA. In his spare time he enjoys bike riding, eating pizza, and catching up on Netflix.

Hannah Rigel: Executive Assistant/Vocational Associate

Hannah Rigel MA, MCRSP is the Executive Assistant to Alberto Felix. She is also a Maryland Certified Rehabilitation Service Practitioner (MCRSP) who has been an integral part of the Aurora team since 2011. Beginning in our administrative support division, she more recently branched into the vocational rehabilitation field to become a certified practitioner. With an eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, Hannah excels at fielding a great variety of responsibilities and enjoys collaborating with a diversity of co-workers and clients to assist disabled covered employees with a timely and appropriate return to work. Hannah resides in Ohio. Outside of work Hannah enjoys camping, hiking, and reading.

Danny Tanner: Director of Operations & Administration

Danny Tanner is the Director of Operations & Administration. He is an experienced administrator with a track record of success. Along with strong interpersonal and problem solving skills, Danny has an appreciation and affinity for processes, which are the keys to organization. Over the years he has proven to be effective at managing, leading, and organizing people, detailed activities, and large-scale projects. Since joining the Aurora team and the workers' compensation industry in early 2013, he has successfully led the administrative team by providing direction in the areas of information technology, recruitment, human resources, marketing/sales, strategic planning, finance, and more. His ability to juggle a number of tasks and make informed decisions that prove invaluable in helping others succeed as well as seeing programs and initiatives be fruitful allows Aurora to press on to fulfill its mission to equip and empower people to embrace hope, discover solutions, and pursue new opportunities. Danny resides in Southcentral PA. In his free time he enjoys playing strategic board games and spending time at his favorite coffee shop.

Dr. AnaLuisa Robles-Clark: Nurse Case Manager Supervisor

Dr. AnaLuisa Robles-Clark MSN, BSN, WCCM is a Nurse Case Manager Supervisor. With 40 years of experience in the medical field, Dr. Robles-Clark is a skilled professional who is committed to providing excellent case management services. As a hospital nurse in Costa Rica, Dr. Robles-Clark created patient self-care and family participation programs that have had a longstanding effect on the country's health system and her career continues to be marked by the same initiative and dedication to assisting injured individuals in their healing process. Her bilingual abilities and communication skills also allow her to develop rapport with a wide range of individuals and foster understanding of the case management process. She excels in assessing case status, facilitating communication between all parties, implementing care plans and coordinating medical care, as well as providing education to injured individuals and their families when needed with regard to the case management process. She is familiar with various aspects of the healthcare system, works to follow established protocols, and seeks to initiate appropriate and timely care as needed. As a medical supervisor, Dr. Robles-Clark reviews case progression and facilitates the reporting process, applying her experience to serve as a resource to others. She is also passionate about and dedicated to the training and education of nurses to the field of workers' compensation. Dr. Robles-Clark resides in Florida. Outside of work she enjoys the warm weather and spending time with family and friends.

Sumeka Manigo: Nurse Case Manager / Supervisor

Sumeka Manigo is a Nurse Case Manager/Supervisor. She is an efficient, dedicated RN with many years of involvement in the medical system, both administratively and as a practicing nurse. While working in a hospital environment, Sumeka became skilled in working with injured individuals, observing and assessing their needs, and establishing care plans. Additionally, she has worked in various administrative roles within the Johns Hopkins Medical System and in an insurance company setting, where she reviewed medical claims to determine authorization, ensure timely filing, and quality care. As a highly organized nurse with a wide range of experiences, Sumeka strives to facilitate communication among all parties and seeks to provide excellent case management in order to assist injured workers with returning to the workplace as soon as practical. Sumeka's experience and dedication to nurse case management has provided her with what is needed for her to become an excellent supervisor to a team of nurse case managers. Sumeka resides in Maryland. In her free time she enjoys time with family and friends.

Susanne Furr: Vocational Consultant Supervisor

Susanne Furr is a Vocational Rehabilitation Consultant/Supervisor. She has over 15 years of experience placing injured workers back into the workforce. She is skilled in evaluating clients to determine their skill set and match them to an employer's needs. Her clients benefit from her career counseling and coaching as well as her knowledge of labor market trends. Susanne has experience with clients with psychological overlay as well as substance abuse issues. She tailors each return to work plan to the individual and communicates with employers to provide education on the needs and abilities of her clients. Susanne is known for her stellar reputation in the field of Workers' Compensation and her excellent communication skills with all parties. She also has experience in expert work which can include cases in divorce and wage loss determination. Susanne's expertise in these areas helps her to thrive as a supervisor of our vocational rehabilitation team of consultants. Susanne resides in Maryland and enjoys spending time with her family outside of work.

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