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As a result of our commitment to our teams, injured individuals as well as our customer, we continue to grow. And we also know that we are all competing with national companies that have the resources to put "Mom & Pop" shops out of business. So in an effort to help smaller case management businesses like ours - we have formed contractual alliances with case management companies in areas where we are underrepresented.

Our relationship with subcontractors is not taken for granted - we value our subcontractors for they are able to offer a service in an area where we cannot. At Aurora Case Management our subcontractors are our partners and we treat each subcontractor with respect, honesty, openness and fairness. The stronger the relationship between Aurora Case Management and our subcontractors, the better equipped we are to deliver superior service and to go above and beyond our clients' expectations.

As part of our objectives to adapt to the continual changes in our industry, Aurora Case Management uses case management software and technology to keep us competitive. As much as possible, we try to use our own proprietary subcontractor base, but we are always looking for new "friends" to be part of our team.

If what you've read regarding quality, honesty, fairness etc, is important to you - then we invite you to consider partnering with us. If you consider your company to be one of the best Case Management companies in your geographic area, we openly encourage you to join our team. We are always looking to pair with and employ the best subcontractors across the country.

ACM Aurora Network

  • We continue to develop a presence on the East Coast with a concentration in the Maryland and Washington, D.C. areas.
  • We hire subcontractors on a contractual basis and are unable to make a commitment to work volume at this time.
  • When a case is made available to a sub, they have the choice to take it or not.
  • The wages we offer are based on experience and other things. Subcontractors are paid when a status report is submitted.
  • You would be given an email address.
  • Much of the clerical work is done through our admin team.

Aurora Network Process

  • Phone conversation for the purpose of gathering pertinent information.
  • Obtain proof of credentials, liability insurance, and workers' compensation insurance. This can be done through email or through our HR fax (877-712-3940).
  • Information is shared with our ACM Leadership Team.
  • Once approval is given, the new subcontractor signs an agreement and begins to work on cases as they become available.

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