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About Aurora Case Management


We are on a mission to equip and empower people to embrace hope, discover solutions, and pursue new opportunities.

In short, Aurora Case Management (ACM) is about people. At our core, we are passionate about and committed to providing services to disadvantaged and challenged individuals with integrity, compassion, and effectiveness. Because people and their needs are at the center of what we do, our best is always required. So, how do we continue to offer our best day after day after day? We stay focused on our mission, sacrifice and work hard, and encourage one another along the way.

As we remain focused on our mission we will be:

  • A preferred provider for third party administrators, insurance carriers, and employers.
  • A team that makes a difference by improving the quality of life with all the individuals that we work with and serve.
  • A team that sets the standard for value and quality as we manage services for our customers.
  • A team that remembers that excellence never comes easy and that there is always sacrifice involved.
  • A team that does not forget that change is constant and always requires us to be adaptive and innovative.

Our case managers have years of service within the field and have dedicated their career to serving individuals with disabilities.

Our goal is to achieve both medical and vocational outcomes that fit the needs of all parties. By insuring timely communication and accurate documentation, firm adherence to ethical standards, and hard work, Aurora Case Management is able to deliver quality results that are both appropriate and cost-effective.

These are the win-win plans our team diligently strives towards. With our services, we facilitate the transition of the injured individual from dependence to independence.


ACM is an organization of dedicated and trusted rehabilitation professionals who share both passion and experience assisting individuals with disabilities, as well as the Workers' Compensation industry that serves them. Our professionals are supported by outstanding individuals who have made the decision to use their expertise towards excellence. As an organization, our staff shares experiences within the Vocational Evaluation, Rehabilitation Counseling, Psychology, Health Administration, Business, and Sales fields. In addition, we specialize in providing Spanish case management services.

Our services are provided by a diverse group of individuals who understand the importance of continuing education. All of our professionals are either recipients of a Masters Degree or are existing candidates. Members of our team share credentials that include:

CRC (Certified Rehabilitation Counselor)
CCM (Certified Case Manager)
CDMS (Certified Disability Management Specialist)


As we serve our clients and encourage them to embrace the new day and new opportunities that will come, we promise to hold tightly to our values.

  • People matter!
  • Smiling is a result of our joy and has the amazing potential to be the source of joy for others. We choose to smile, and to smile often.
  • Dignity and respect will be the mark of how we serve those with whom we work.
  • We choose to be honest and ethical with everyone.
  • Everyone on the ACM team has a role to play and makes a difference to the overall service that we provide.
  • Honesty in all of our work will be the proof of our commitment to integrity.
  • Excellence and hard work will be our sacrifice for the people that we serve.
  • Adaptability, creativity and innovation will be our goal as change is inevitable.
  • Customer Service is not an option, it's demanded because people matter.
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